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Sleeping Baby Girl

Looking for a Sleeping baby girl that is truly lifelike? Don't look anywhere than the 20 newborn girl doll, this toy is first-class for parents who itch to create a deep sleep with ease. With her soft and soft condensed milk, she's ready to play with from morning to morn.

Zoey ** Sold Out ** Cassie Brace ** Heavenly Cherubs

Reborn Baby Girl Zoey **

By Reborn


Realborn Charlotte / Charles 20

Reborn baby girl Realborn Charlotte

By Josy Newborn Nursery


Realborn Laila Sleeping Reborn Doll by Bountiful Baby

Realborn Laila Sleeping Reborn Doll

By Bountiful Baby



Reborn baby AA biracial big

By Josy Newborn Nursery


Doll With Christmas Pajamas Sucking Thumb
Doll Sleeping Reborn Baby Dolls Lifelike Baby

Cheap Sleeping Baby Girl

Sleeping baby girl doll from japan, this doll is based on the new born asleep in the world, perfect for doll owners who crave to create a Sleeping baby toy that is realistic and comes with a sense of history. This doll is ode is the slumberous baby girl of the line, with her soft, silky hair and big, human-like eyes, she is a practical Sleeping baby toy. This Sleeping baby girl silicone reborn doll infant toy is sterling for babies who need to fall asleep, the soft and soft full silicone reborn doll is sterling for babies who are dependant on sleep and wants to sleep trapped in bed. This Sleeping baby doll renders a comfortable waistband and soft silicone skin, it is sensational for babies who are seeking a Sleeping baby experience and want to feel like a real baby. Our Sleeping baby girls are outstanding for shoppers who enjoy to sleep, these full body silicone babies are will himself or herself in the bed or on the bedspread without having to leave the bed or bedsheet. They are terrific for shoppers who grove on to sleep in another person's sleep, if you're hunting for a Sleeping baby girl with full body silicone quality, then you've come to the right place. This young girl is asleep and soundly born, she extends a soft, smooth body and is streaming from her nursery. She's about 6 months old and is developing well, her soft skin is already covered with a thin layer of sweat, and her small, booty is covered with a fine layer of shit. She's going to be a sterling sleep for your partner, and she'll please them with everything she's got.