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Reborn Baby Girl

Reborn baby girl is a newborn skin girl doll who was created with your loved ones in mind, she is ideally a favorite accessory for your store. With a life-like skin and enough personality to go around, she's a top addition to your baby girl collection.

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23" Reborn Baby Dolls Sweet

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Reborn Baby Girl Dolls

Reborn baby girls are unrivaled addition to your daughter's life, they are well made and come with a lot of features so you can care for them the substitute you would want to. There are 11 dolls in stock, but try ordering one with the condition that in the us, they will be delivered directly to your daughter's door with an 15 day money back guarantee. This infant daughter of 18, 5 in full soft platinum silicone baby dolls is manufactured from high-quality, unique high-quality materials. It features a beautiful 18, this doll also comes with a long cloth diaper, which makes it easier for you to clean. This birth story is for an unique and unique born girl who is just waiting for a top introduction to life in the home, her friends and family are shepherded by radiant Reborn baby girls who have all put their best forward. Her care and adore all the pain and suffering and left her with smile and tired eyes, is your baby reborn? If so, let us know about it and share your story in our shop! We would enjoy to hear about your adventure with your little one. Our Reborn baby dolls are made out of high-quality silicone newborn girl doll material and are hand-made into a gift.