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Asian Baby Girl

Asian precious reborn dolls are fantastic for the most special little girls in your life! They are made of pvc and are made to be beautiful and special, they come some protection, now you can be sure you are getting a quality product at a top-of-the-heap price.

Asian American Baby Girl

Asian american baby girl dolls are top-grade addition to each room in your house! These dolls are carefully made with a traditional anatomically correct design, from the minute you place her in, she will be perfectly groomed and target your heart's desire in regards to children's entertainment! This chinese newborn baby girl is a full silicone reborn doll - with a beautiful, soft, chinese- and treatment. She is and treatment, and looks amazing! She is a bright, beautiful girl, and would make an amazing addition to home, baby girl is a reborn Asian baby who is very beautiful and young. She is very excited to be a part of the world and the family, she is new and different and will be very important in the future. This is a beautiful black and white doll with a large head and a large head of long black hair, she is extremely anatomically correct, with top body and face. She is attached to her mother who is very happy to have her, she loves spending time with her and loves to cuddle.